Yosemite County CA

Yosemite Bicycles specializes in after the sale purchases. Lights, tubes, pumps, gloves, trainers and so on. The big demand we saw was for a comfortable bicycle seat.

When you purchase your bicycle from a big box store you get stuck with a hard skinny plastic seat. You ride that bike for a few hours and you are numb, so you put it in your garage and it gathers dust.

We started with the original "Executive" comfortable bicycle saddle then the demand came for a lighter version of the seat. We were clever enough to come up with the "Executive-Lite" saddle.

Both seats have comfort gel cushioning, suspension springs and an all weather Lycra cover. Both seats provide the comfort to get you riding on your bicycle again.

The original "Executive" saddle is a little more heavy duty with thicker cushioning and oversized springs.

The "Executive-Lite" gives you the same dimensions but with lighter springs and less gel cushioning saving you 30% in weight.

If you are in the market for a comfortable seat come by and try one out. Or order one online they come with a 30 day no questions asked warranty.

The Executive line of bicycle saddles:
The original "Executive" comfortable bicycle saddle: $29.99 with free shipping

The "Executive-Lite": $19.99 with free shipping